George Hountalas is a painter. He was born in Athens ,Greece He studied Business Management and Marketing at the University of LA Verne, specializing in advertising.

He also studied Tourism at the TEI of Athens and completed his postgraduate studies at Gardiff University in Wales. At Thomas Cook he gained relevant professional experience.

He also studied in Bergamo, Italy and worked in the advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi. He completed many seminars at E.E.D.E.

At the same time he was a member and representative of the University of La Verne to the Hellenic Marketing Institute. He chose to take Byzantine iconography classes from father Stamatis Skliris. Byzantine iconography was further completed in the Painting Icon Workshop of Dimitrios Hatziapostolou.

Also at the Benaki Museum he completed an Engraving seminar – Fayoum Portraits and at the same time participated in the first Panhellenic Byzantine iconography conference..

On an experimental level, he has always been troubled by the events of social formation and evolution and actively inspires him by giving his own interpretation and performance through the materials he chooses on the canvas and on any surface.

Central points for George are the acceptance but also the battle with reality always in combination with the transcendental of the soul. He has been actively involved in painting since 1996, choosing mixed media as his main means of expression.

The main materials he chooses in his compositions are oils, acrylics, tempera, glues, sprays and recyclable materials.

His compositions find ballast in the emotions of every moment of every second but also that it comes out of the window of the soul. His visual present is in front of dreamy huge canvases, colored, waiting to breathe and experience a divine ecstasy and detail.

He is mainly concerned with the visual rendering of the encounter of the past and the future in a detector and struggle for survival, but at the same time of the testament of light, ecological balance and our presence in this interplanetary space-time. In all this collective action – reaction the result is most often the positive sign. He also has high hopes in the eyes of the spectator. His assets include an individual and many participations in group exhibitions in Greece:

In “Parnassos” individual, with the theme of Byzantine iconography Participations: In Golf of Glyfada, in ancient Epidaurus with 33 artists,

In Megart with more than 7 participations in exhibitions, in the Hellenic French Association, in Art 23 in Thissio, in Gallery Chili Art, in Gallery Soho, in Gallery Tsichritzi, in the Seraphic Foundation (participation for the 2,500 years of Salamis), participation in the interactive street art in Nafplio… and many online projects Abroad he has participated in Italy (Venice, Contemporary Art Piazza San Marco), Skopje (Biennale), America, Sweden, Spain, Germany (Marl, in a home project with the representation of Greece), Tokyo (online for the Olympic Games) . His artistic creations include the musical editing for a theatrical performance – a fairy tale for children, while until now he actively participates through various projects for the implementation of solidarity worldwide.