Casta Diva

50×70 Oil Pastel Pencils and Charcoal (Maria Callas)


50×70 Crayons and Oil Pastel (Rory Gallagher)

Warner Bros Studios

 50×70 Pastel and Charcoal on Canson CA(Tasos)


50×70 Pastel, Pencils and Charcoal on Canson (Marinos)

Hover Box Element

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Le Grand Frère - Alex

40×50 Aquarelle and Tempera

The Man In The Mirror

50×40 Oil Pastel on Canson (Father Stamatis Skliris)

Sunset on the Coast (Ακρογιαλιές Δειλινά)

50×70 Pastel on Canson (Vasilis Tsitsanis)